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  • Double Water and Food Bowl Set for Kitty

    KSh 1,500.00
    • Stainless steel bowl can be removed from the whole and easy to clean.
    • 2 in 1 automatic feeder design, one bowl for food, another for water. And the automatic water dispenser will refill the water into the dish automatically help to keep the water filled and clean whether you at home or not.
    • Material: ABS resin base dish, Stainless steel bowl + Plastic bottle.
    • Size: 28.5*17*6.5cm 
    • Usage Tips: Overturn filled bottle, make the lid of bottle down, put it on the set up of convex location, then press the bottle bottom. Water will outflow water bowl.

    Package Includes:

    • 1*Automatic Feeders
  • VW Leather Carbon Fiber Texture Steering Wheel Cover

    KSh 2,800.00
    • The leather steering wheel cover and carbon fiber texture provide comfort in the hand for the best driving experience.Protects the steering wheel from wear and exposure to sunlight.
    • The textured steering wheel cover made of high-quality leather and carbon fiber is impressive.
    • Protects the steering wheel from wear, exposure to sunlight and your hands from cold touches.
    • Fits perfectly into the interior of your car.
    • The ease of installation and flexibility of our steering wheel cover will not cause you any problems. You can find the instructions below in the list.
    • Suitable for all middle-size steering wheels with outer diameter 14 1/2 inch to 15 inch(37cm to 38cm)
  • Subaru Neck Pillows x Headrest Covers

    KSh 4,500.00


    • 2 pieces set of car neck pillow
    • Embroidery logo work
    • Zipper behind the pillow
    • Size: 27 cm x 15cm x 7 cm
    • Color: Black
    • Action: neck/spine protection , driving comfort
    • Usage: car seat equipment


    • Back pocket design ,you can put a mobile phone or other small objects. avoid dropping the mobile phone under the seat of the car while driving.
    • Easy to clean.it can be machine washable. when in use, cover it on the headrest of the car seat and stick it on the velcro, and tear it off when not in use.
    • Wear-resistant and durable .made of high-quality cotton is an ideal car seat headrest cover that is very breathable and comfortable. it can prevent damage from scratches and stains.
    • Embroidery craft .this ingenious craft headrest cover not only looks beautiful to show your car interior, but also prolongs the service life of the car headrest
    • Gives you the comfort and custom look.

    Package includes:

    • 1 pair*headrest covers
    • 1 pair*neck pillows
  • Gladiator Tire Shine 500ml

    KSh 1,000.00
    • Get your car tires shiny in seconds with Gladiator Tire Shine spray.
    • It brings back rick black look in tires making them look like new.


    • Extra gloss enhancers for intense, smooth, even shine.
    • Conditions nourishes, & preserves your tires’ rich black look.
    • Note: The messy over-spray on some products can adhere to wheels, and act as a magnet for dirt and brake dust.

    Package Include:

    • 1*Gladiator tire shine 500ml
  • Gladiator Leather Polish

    KSh 1,200.00
    • Gladiator Leather Polish-500ml is specially formulated to not only clean surface grime but also reach into the leather grain to remove dirt.
    • In addition to just cleaning, this product also conditions your leather to restore its supple feel and natural beauty.
    • Restores leather to a “like-new” appearance


    • For best results: First test an inconspicuous area before use.
    • Not for use on suede or unfinished leather.

    1. Shake well

    2. Apply liberally to a clean cloth or spray directly onto a leather surface

    3. Wipe evenly over the surface and remove excess

    4. Apply as often as needed to clean, condition, and protect your leather

    • CAUTION: Place it at cool and dry conditions, do not expose it to heat or store it at temperatures above 120°F.
    • Keep away from flame and avoid direct sunlight. Avoid contact with eyes.
  • Gladiator Shines Protector

    KSh 850.00
    • This unique polymer silicone formula penetrates surface to shine and protect vinyl, rubber and plastic. shines & protects helps protect surfaces from fading and cracking by reducing ultraviolet light, while bringing out color, restoring luster and shine.
    • Protects against abrasion. Reduces static electricity to help reduce dust and dirt attraction! If less shine is desired, lightly buff with damp cloth.


    • Thoroughly clean surface with a high quality cleaner.
    • Apply Shines & Protects with a clean cloth or sponge (for spray).
    • Spread evenly, allow to penetrate for a few minutes, then remove excess for a beautiful protective shine. On some surfaces a two coat application provides best results. Apply as needed to maintain shine and protective coating.

    Package includes:

    • 1*Gladiator Shines & Protector

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